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Dorm Policies

  1. Keys and meal cards may be picked up at the Hospitality table near registration. Check in starts at 3 pm on Friday, May 29. A secure space for students’ belongings may be provided, if necessary, between time of arrival on campus and check-in.

  2. A minimum two nights’ stay is required for every residential student. Fire code allows one person per bed and students per room may not exceed its number of beds. Each dorm room can be a single or a double. Keys may not be duplicated to allow sharing of dorm rooms.

  3. Children and youth under the age of 13 must share a room with a parent or guardian. Teens 14 and above must have a parent or guardian in the same or adjacent room.

  4. Upon arrival, look over your room to ensure there are no missing or damaged items. These must be reported to Weekend of Wizardry (WoW) Hospitality within two hours of check-in to avoid being charged.

  5. All residential students must purchase a meal card. Meal cards may not be shared. The meal card includes Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast, and Sunday lunch. All meals are in the dining hall at the Wheelock Student Center. Breakfast is 7:00-9:00 am. Lunch is 11:30 am–1:30 pm. Dinner is 4:30-6:30 pm. Meal times may be adjusted to accommodate programming and special events. Other meals may be purchased separately.

  6. Do not lose your meal card. There is a $25 plus processing fees for meal card replacement.

  7. All rooms must be returned in the same condition as arrival or student may be charged for cleaning or repair.

  8. Check-out is between 7 am and 10 am on Sunday. Early check-out is encouraged. The student will be charged $25 plus processing fees for late check-out and for lost keys.

  9. Significant noise is prohibited between 11 pm and 7 am.

  10. Only those with an assigned dorm room, security, and prefects are allowed to be in the dorms between 11 pm and 7 am.

  11. WoW & University security will be on site. Bag checks may occur at any time for any reason. If you see something, say something. Please go immediately to any staff member.

  12. There is zero tolerance, no harassment, disruptive behavior, and ill intent policy at the WoW. This applies to everyone at the event. If you encounter any form of harassment, disruptive behavior, or ill intent while attending the event notify event staff or security immediately.

  13. NO CAMPING! If you are found sleeping in your vehicle, public areas, or anywhere on campus besides your dorm room you will be asked to go to your dorm room.

  14. In Washington State, individuals 21 and over can purchase marijuana at licensed stores; however, the use and possession of marijuana on the University campus is prohibited.

  15. Illegal drugs and non-prescribed narcotics are prohibited. If you are caught with illegal drugs or non-prescribed narcotics you will be removed from the campus.

  16. No smoking or vaping on University campus. Smoking is prohibited in all academic, administrative, residential and public buildings of the university. This includes all offices, classrooms, restrooms, Facilities Services shops, vehicles and all common areas within buildings and residences. If you are caught smoking or vaping on campus you will be removed from the campus.

  17. Alcohol is prohibited for anyone under the age of 21. Those who are of age may not have an open container and must not consume alcohol in any public place on campus property. The use of alcohol on campus is limited to the bar area. Personal consumption of alcohol is allowed in your dorm room, but not in the common areas of the dorms. Kegs and large containers of alcohol are prohibited in the dorm rooms. Behavior that evidences irresponsible consumption of alcohol, including but not limited to obvious intoxication (e.g., staggering, passing out, being unable to care for oneself), excessive noise, vandalism, excessive messes (e.g., litter, spills on carpets or furniture, throwing garbage or liquids), sickness, or verbal, written, or physical harassment will be grounds for removal from the premises. We will not be invited back to the campus if these rules are violated.

  18. For safety reasons, the following are never allowed to be used indoors on campus: stilts, remote control vehicles, drones, roller skates, rollerblades, and other forms of recreational wheeled transport.

  19. Pets are not allowed in the dorms. If you have a service animal or emotional support animal that must stay with you on campus, please contact for assistance in completing necessary paperwork for approval by University staff.

  20. Dorm rooms are pre-assigned by name of student. Do not make arrangements to move, swap, or otherwise change assignments. If minor issues with room assignments need to be addressed, contact the assigned prefect for your dorm or call WoW Hospitality between 8 am and 5 pm. For major issues, safety escorts, room lockouts, after-hours logistic and maintenance needs, special parking accommodations, medical response and assistance, and incident response, contact Security Services dispatch at (253) 879-3311.

  21. Each floor has two communal bathrooms with showers, at least one common room, and a kitchenette. There is no maid service so you are responsible to clean up after yourself.

  22. We are not responsible for lost items. Please remember to keep an eye on your belongings and be sure not to leave them unguarded. Any items that are found will be given to the lost and found location in the vendor area. After hours contact prefects or WoW Security.

  23. If you desire to room with or near another student, both students must state the request at the time of purchase or email the request to no later than May 10.

  24. All classes, panels, activities, vendor hall, events and select dorm rooms are accessible.We will do our best to accommodate getting into any area of the event. Attendee can apply for a Medical Pass and plus one assistant to have someone to help.Attendee must request one by email at and assistant must still purchase a badge and a dorm room. If you have mobility issues and require an accessible room, please state ADA at the time of purchase or email your need no later than May 10. ADA rooms are limited so please contact us as soon as possible. Note that there are elevators in each dorm.

  25. If you need special food accommodations, please state the need at the time of purchase or email your requirements to no later than May 10.

  26. There will be a dorm door decorating contest. If you wish to participate, bring items to decorate your door. You are also encouraged to bring items to decorate your room and the common area in the dorm; however, WoW is not responsible for missing or damaged items. Nails, staples, glitter, spray chalk, and confetti are not permitted. Painter’s tape may be used to affix paper and other lightweight materials. All displays, exhibits, and decorations will comply with the City of Tacoma Building Code and applicable fire prevention ordinances. Window coverings and screens must stay in place.

  27. **Disclaimer, as not to be hauled off to Azkaban- "The Weekend of Wizardry is an immersive fan event, and is not endorsed, sanctioned or in any other way supported, directly or indirectly by Warner Bros. Entertainment, the Harry Potter book publishers and/or J.K. Rowling and her representatives and/or Universal. HARRY POTTER, characters, names and related indicia are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Harry Potter Publishing Rights © JKR."