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Weekend of Wizardry Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Weekend of Wizardry?

Weekend of Wizardry is an immersive Harry Potter Fan Event where Potter fans come together to learn more about the Wizarding World.

When is Weekend of Wizardry?

May 29th-31st, 2020

Where is the Weekend of Wizardry?

University of Puget Sound, Tacoma WA

What are the hours for Weekend of Wizardry?

General Admission: Friday - Sunday 9am to 6pm Evening Classes and Activities: To be announced Special Events: Pub Crawl - To be announced Wizards Dance - To be announced Vendor Alley - To be announced

Will I be on camera at this event?

Staff and other attendees will be taking photos, filming, and/or taking audio at this event. When purchasing a ticket to Weekend of Wizardry consent is implied. If you are uncomfortable with having your photo taken please inform the person with the camera. When taking photos of celebrities please wait until approved times, or ask their permission first. If taking pictures of attendees please ask their permission first.

Do you offer a Media/Press pass?

Press/Media passes will be available by application soon!

How do I get involved with the event as a volunteer?

We would love to have you as a volunteer. Please complete the Volunteer Application under the Get Involved Tab.

How do I get involved with the event as a vender?

We would love to have you as a vender. Please complete the Vendor Application under the Get Involved Tab.

How do I get involved with the event as a presenter?

We would love to have you as a presenter. Please complete the Programing Application under the Get Involved Tab.

Who will be the Guests and/or Celebrities be?

Celebrities will be posted on our website as contracts are confirmed. We do not make public who we are in contact with until contracts are finalized but even when booked, sometimes they fall through. We do not want anyone to buy tickets based on a specific person and then potentially be disappointed if they are sick. We will make announcements here, and on our FB page as things come together, but like most conventions a full schedule isn't released until just a few weeks before the event happens.

Where will everyone sleep?

WOW 2020 is lucky to have found University of Puget Sound as our location. We will have a limited number of dorm rooms available to rent. In addition there are several houses available for rent in the area and local hotels. If we are able to make additional partnerships we will notify our attendees, send out notice via email, and update our social media!

Are their hotels near by?

We are lucky that Tacoma, WA has several hotels near by and rental houses that can be located through various sites like Air BnB and VRBO.

Will there be food options?

This year we will be offering food passes through the college. This will be for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The schools dining hall is very affordable. However, we must sell these passes ahead of time so they can prepare to have enough food for everyone interested. There is also a cafe and we will have some passes available for purchase day of. You will be able to purchase food passes at the time of ticket purchase and we will send out a "last chance" notification to purchase food passes to all ticket holders prior to the event. If you are staying in the dorms, food passes are required.

Why Tacoma?

Tacoma is an amazing city with a lot to offer including The Museum of Glass, Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma Children's Museum, America's Car Museum, Stadium District, Point Defiance Park, beautiful sound views, fabulous dining and more!

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are allowed in all outdoor areas, but not in the classrooms, main buildings, dining hall, or athletic facilities. Service Animals are always allowed per ADA requirements.

When will the full schedule of events be made available?

We will be working as fast as possible to have a full schedule of events out a few weeks before the event. We will be making announcements for classes, performers, special guests and other fun activities on Social Media and in our Newsletter. We will have pre-registration for the event. Pre-registration will be the best way to guarantee to get most of the classes you want to attend. Although we would love to be able to allow people to attend every and all classes offered, our time turner has been revoked. We suggest picking your favorites and making sure to have back ups! There will always be classes and activities available for all attendees.

Is Cosplay permitted at this event?

Absolutely, come in house robes, dressed as your favorite character or creature, or came as you are and enjoy all the festivities!

Where can I find information the day of about maps, class information, and help finding places?


Will a map and schedule be available?


Crafts were super busy last year, how will they work this year?


When can I register for classes?


What is your policy on weapons for costumes?

Please make sure any/all weapons are easily identifiable as not real. Any bow-type weapons must be strung with a low-tensile thread or unstrung altogether . All prop arrows must have soft, blunted tips made out of foam or cardboard only. NOT METAL. The same applies for swords, knives, ect. We want you to feel free to express and show off your costume, but while keeping it safe for everyone. We appreciate your understanding. For more information, please read about "peace-bonding" in the FAQ's

What is peace bonding?

"Peace bonding" allows our staff to tell at a glance that your costume weaponry meets show expectations. We attempt to attach one or more colored zip-tie's to your cosplay weapon(s). It will be done in a way which will allow you to take pictures etc, without them subtracting from your costume/cosplay. This will indicate that your weapons have been deemed safe by out staff. We welcome your guidance and help to ensure that your peace bonding occurs in a way that is acceptable to you and our staff.

Ticket Questions

What is included with a Day Pass?


What is included in a Weekend Pass?


What is included in a VIP Pass?

Are there group rates?


I bought a VIP Pass for my child who is not 21+, the ticket says they have to be 21+ for the VIP meet and greet cocktail party. Will they have another opportunity to have an exclusive gathering?


Where do I pick up my ticket?


Can I upgrade or change my ticket later?

Can I get a refund from my ticket?

I just want to visit the Vendor Alley, to see all the amazing products, do I need to buy a ticket?

Is a payment plan available?

Accessibility Questions

Is there ADA Access to all programming and event locations?

Will Accessible Entrances be marked on the map?

Is their Handicap Parking?

Special Events Questions

What are the 2020 Special Events?


Do I need to purchase a day pass to attend the Wizards Dance?


Why is there not going to be a Great Feast?


How should I dress for the Wizards Dance?