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Coming in 2021

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You are invited to the second year of

the Wonderful Weekend of Wizardry,

a magical event held in Tacoma, WA.

Come join your fellow Potter fans

for a weekend full of fun!

A truly immersive event that gives you the opportunity to attend a wizard school like no other.

You can attend classes, shop our magical themed vendors, stay in the dorms, and more!

Our Professors, and staff anxiously await your arrival.

This will be a year like no other!

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University of Puget Sound


In honor of the second year, you will find many aspects of this year's event themed accordingly. We have taken lots of inspiration from the story, but promise to give you a truly unique and original experience!

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Your Year 2 SWAG!

Pick up during registration
Tees are unisex cut
Also Available in purple
Multi-Color Lanyards also available (design coming soon)
Order SWAG! Coming Soon.

Daily Event Highlights

Everyday at the Weekend of Wizardry is Special

To help you plan your visit,

here are some highlights for each day.

Friday: Opening Ceremony and Game Night Party

Saturday: Quidditch Games, Defense against the Dark Arts Escape Room, & Under the Crescent Moon: Wizard's Dance

Sunday: Tea & Tea Reading, Cosplay Contest, & Closing Ceremony

Everyday: Interactive wizard classes (Potions, Herbology, Charms, and more), crafts, games, panels, meetups, photo ops, workshops, trivia, and more!

More details will be shared as we get closer, so check back often to see what new things have emerged!

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Check Back Here Often!

To see what other details we have about this amazing event!

Click the link below to access policies, rules, and more!

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Under the Crescent Moon:

Wizard's Dance

Sponsored by Crescent Moon Gifts

More Details Coming Soon!