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    Operations Director

     Adria M. Moskowitz aka Adria the Juggler is the Director of Operations. She performs at Renaissance and Medieval Faires, fairs, OddMall, and community events throughout the Pacific Northwest. She's also the Entertainment Director for Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire in OR. Surprisingly, she is not specifically a Harry Potter fan. When people ask her "house"  she tells them Puffinstuff. 

    "When we are children, the world is full of magic. As we get older we are carefully taught that magic doesn't exist and how we have to be responsible in a world full of rules, taxes, bills, anger, sickness and pain. These events give us a place where we're given permission to believe in magic again. These are places where our world can be full of mystery and wonder, magic and splendor. They give us the strength and sanity to be able to handle real life."

    She guesses she might be a Hufflepuff, after all, in the Potter Universe.

  • 59686640_915421701320_346004728311290265



    Marketing Director 

    Brandi Torres is the Marketing Director aka Muggle & Wizard Bridge Liaison! She is a Proud Gryffindor (and a Leo)! She first got into the books as a kid. She came from a small town and there was a lot of push back on the stories, so naturally, she had to read them! She was instantly hooked to the world it transported her to.  She is the same age group as the cast from the film so it very much felt like a story for her generation.
    She is most excited to be a part of this magical event at its new intended location! Her nerd self is also excited to see the new website as it comes to life! She is an avid gardener and artist, as well as a mom to a 4 year old, step mom to a 10 and 12 year old, and a full time caregiver. It's a busy life, but who has time to be bored? Not this girl!

  • casadn.jpg


    Finance Director

    Meet Cassandra Delgado, Director of Finance and a proud Gryffindor. She began her journey at Hogwarts as a teenager, hungrily devouring the pages as soon as she could get her hands on the latest tale. Books can bring such magic and wonder to our lives, but she has yet to find another one that floats a candle to the Harry Potter series. Cassandra thought she was the biggest Harry Potter fan, until she joined the team! She love the magic of the wizarding world and escape to it as often as she can (when she is not sorting sickles and knuts). To have a team of people that enjoys her fantasy as much as she does is wonderful. Cassandra is excited for us to realize our vision and watch Hogwarts take root in Tacoma.

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    Decorations Director

    Danni Carson, our Art Director, Clearly a Slytherin.  She started her Harry Potter love when she first saw the film.  She read the books through college and has steadily grown more obsessed over time! After a pretty successful run with her team last year, She is excited for a chance to expand the Art and Decor into the new location.  Her favorite part of the events is the people and people watching and seeing how joy the Wizarding World brings to the people in our communities! SLYTHERIN PRIDE!

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    Registration Director

    Lisa Barbier, Registration Director, is a true blue Ravenclaw.  She has always escaped from life with the help of libraries and bookshelves but fell in love with J.K. Rowling's wizarding world with the recommendation of her then elementary-school aged nephew. Her two children grew up with the stories.  Her daughter Vy was just a wee babe when the first one came out in theaters and slept through the whole thing.  She loved volunteering in year one and is very excited to see the magic come alive in year two.

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    Event Project Manager

    Miranda Fick, Ravenclaw, was introduced to the Harry Potter world by her little sister.  Harry Potter became something that created a bond with her siblings that they all could relate to. Not only does she love the magic, mystery, and amazing writing in Harry Potter; she loves the community it's built. She returns for year two as the Event Project Manager. Overseeing the entire event, she ensures that all areas are working together and have what they need.  Her perfect idea of volunteering is blending creativity with her need to organize and plan. She's married to a muggle and has two amazing pups, Toby (Obi Wan) and Ravenpaw.

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    Volunteer Director

    IBio Coming Soon!

  • Sarah_Bio_Picture_2.jpg



    Programming Director

    Sarah Oates is the Programming Director at the Weekend of Wizardry and a proud Ravenclaw. She became obsessed with Harry Potter after reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in fourth grade, and it became a significant part of her childhood after that. She loves organizing and creating and is most looking forward to helping architect a magical, immersive experience for WOW 2020. In her free time, she enjoys attending Renn Faires and festivals, hiking, cosplaying, writing, and playing with her cats.   

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